Personal Taste

Masih dalam mode KDrama, aku spend some time utk watch Personal Taste pulak. Again, thank you to Zohri for this series.

KDrama mmg tipically akan ada lead actor, lead actress, second lead actor and second lead actress. Its very cliche. Tp kenapa kita x pernah jemu dgn KDrama? Is it becos of their beauty? Mungkin jugak. Hehehe.

Tapi dlm pic ni, aku sukakan how they develop and keep the relationship to keep moving. Lesson learn, cemburu sgt membinasakan tp cemburu jugak perlu dalam sesuatu hubungan.

Jika anda marah, take your time and take breath to start think rationally. Do not make any decision while angry/mad. Pls listen to another party what actually happen rather than make own speculation. Trust and loyal is key for relationship, regardless love or friend.

Dalam kehidupan, sentiasa ada org yg cemburu dan cuba menyakiti kita. We need each other to be stronger.