Its not end of world (^_^)

Tetiba ja hari ni aku nak bercakap tentang cinta. Its not about my love life but about love generally.


I know, its hard when the relationship come to an end. But, pls look from bright still young, insya-Allah a better person is waiting for you out there which will lead you halal relationship. Pls not waste your love for someone who is nobody for you. Pls take care yourself as muslimah, insya-Allah you'll meet someone.

*True, easy to talk than face it.*

Bak kata Beto dalam Istanbul Aku Datang, "Bila 2 hati yang telah lama bersatu, bukan mudah nk dileraikan". Its true, but its not impossible.

*Alhamdulillah, syukur untuk cinta ini*



Ana Miyuki said...

thanx for sharing akak :)

Nur H said...

my little sis having problem?