I am upset

I'm been assign a new role function as an addition to my current role.

I am a newbie which been throw into an ocean and left to die there. And I am very upset. 

When I have some light and wanna try to complete or at least try my luck to do my job...I've been scold by someone which not suppose to scold me. She have no right to do it.

I ask her for how to run only report she keep blaming me becasue I have the access. Is it my fault? I dont think so because I have the access since day 1 which I never request, only do not know how to use it until now. She did not show me how to do...but she scold me. Is it my wrong? She keep saying, I must tell IT to pull back my access...why should I? I need the access to do my new assignment....

I hate this kind of selfish people.