I dont know why...

Today aku sepatutnya bangun koi 4.30pg...ayah pun kejut koi 4.30pg...but happen aku terlena balik sampai 5 minit lg koi 6. Ades....kelam kabut gak la.

The sweet things happen last nite, normally when I have big order or bit busy, I sleep on couch for me easy wake up. Last nite, I told hubby, I will sleep at the hall...without saying on the couch. He said ok and I've been busy at the kitchen.

More than an hour later, aku pi depan nk check anak dengan abahnya dok buat apa....anak mcm tv and surprisingly hubby dah siap lena kat depan. He prepared a mat (double comforter) for 3 of us. Anak mmg sgt2 happy la sbb ibu dgn abah tidoq depan, so dia ada alasan nk watch tv till very late.

Hari ni kat opis pun tonnes of system down...cemana ni????

System partially up now. But its not help me...first step process is how to proceed...

So just wait till 5.30 and going home...continue my baking...hehehehe

Need to prepare buying some material for baking...sbb almost everything is finish, then pick up adik from rumah mak. She stay with me this weekend.

To mak ayah, dun worry...have ur nice weekend...I'll take care of kecik.