I dont know...

After couples month having less job at the office, I'm strikes with new projects...new roles and more customers. Evrything hits me at the same time. Waa...ini sudah lebey.

I dont know how to react. But what to say, its a responsibility and work is part from ibadah as well.
More news coming in make me hard to breath, sooner or later doesnt matter...thing will come no matter what.

Nurhijriah...you always said u love challenge...so what u wanna do now? Do what? Grab and start your work. Its not a time to waste some more. In this fast world...everything is fast and nothing gonna wait for you if you're late.

Sometimes its make me feel like its hard for me to breath...but...this is the fact. I should be thankful I got a good job and trust to continue working here.

Another line tour with LJ on last monday, is something like given me motivation to continue working. LJ given me another perspective to look into my job.

I dont know if I am capable or now...but I know...I have their trust...so I must show I am capable. Its not for them, but its for me. For my satisfaction.