I'm still here and I am ok

I just back to office after long leaves...cuti dan MC. Sebab MC? Aku kena gastrik yg teruk kali sbb terlalu bz sampai lupa nk makan. Padan muka aku kan? hehehe

So, la kena la pantang pedas, masam, susu dan bla bla bla

But what I want to share today is...officially announce my new BOS. Team aku A&D officially report to manager in Toronto, dotted line report to Saiful my ex-Boss before BF. Team Leader aku, kak Lina.

I have no comments to write here even I have so many lines in my head...sbb semuanya muktamad. By writing here will not change anything...apa yg aku nk katakan...hidup perlu diteruskan. We earn to live our life...so take the challenge and step forward.

We still friend.