Acu amik PMR

24/12/2009 - aku amik cuti untuk bwk adik pi amik result PMR di Ibrahim. My old skool. Many things change. Byk tempat kenangan aku yg probably no more.

Result? Dont ask me...ask her. But me? Bit frustrated with the result but I'm not say anything. But, sincere hope...hopefully she can see in a positive way. You must work harder if you a place for you in future. SPM and PMR totally different. If you got something like this in will be really in dead trouble.

Why? Because competition to enter IPTA is really tough nowadays. Do think about your future. You telling me you wanna be a on it. Dont waste so many times with tenet. Me myself also love online...but everything must have limit. DO REMEMBER THIS. World will not wait for us...if we still dreaming...we will be left behind. Even friend will not wait for us.

Lepas amik result aku bwk Acu dgn kengkawan mkn KFC sbb kami pun x breakfast lagi. So we got brunch la.